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Welcome to Hot Shot Chocolate!

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Hot Shot Chocolate made with

100% Sustainable & 100% Traceable Cocoa Beans

Hot Shot Chocolate products are made with premium couverture chocolate made from ethically sourced cocoa beans from 3 countries: Ivory Coast, Ghana & Ecuador.

Anually audited through the independent non-profit organization - Cocoa Horizons. www.cocoahorizons.org

Cocoa Horizons improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development, which protect nature and children.

Premium Couverture Chocolate

Hot Shot Chocolate produces only high quality chocolate products made with premium couverture chocolate.

Couverture chocolate is considered a very high-quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is what gives chocolate its unique mouth-feel and stable properties.

To be considered “real” chocolate, a chocolate product will contain only cocoa butter as its fat source, not any other fat substitute. Chocolate that replaces cocoa butter with fats like palm oil are called "compound chocolate" and are considered more of a candy than true chocolate.

Hand Tempering Techniques

Hot Shot Chocolate products are all handcraft, hand tempered in small batches to ensure the highest of quality and attention to detail in every order.

Tempering chocolate is a heating and cooling technique while agitating the cocoa butter content within the chocolate to entice the fatty acid crystals of cocoa butter back into one stable form.

The benefit of chocolate tempering creates a shiny exterior, smooth texture & satisfying snap in every bite!

Learn more about Chocolate Tempering in our Chocolate Making 101 workshop!


Corporate Team Building, Bridal Parties, Family Workshops & More!

Hot Shot Chocolate brings everything needed to create a memorable chocolate experience for you and your group!

Choose your favourite Hot Shot Chocolate Program:

  • Chocolate Champions
  • Chocolate Making 101: The Fundamentals of Tempering & Molding
  • Chocolate Making 102: Truffles, Truffles Truffles!
  • Chocolate Tasting Experience
  • Edible Paint Night
  • Wine or Alcohol Pairing
  • Kids Birthday Parties
  • Classic Bridal Experience
  • Novelty Naughty Chocolate Bridal Experience
  • Live Demonstration Sampler Stands

Looking to venture out to a venue for your event? Contact us to see a selection of venue rental options we partner with!

Questions & Bookings Contact: kelly@hotshotchocolate.com

Hot Shot CHocolate recent Event Reviews

Thank you Kelly, Chocolatier Extraordinare, for hosting such a fabulous girls event for us. Your professionalism ensured we planned the best event for our group, including accommodating dietary limits. Your Chocolate Champions Games was so fun because of your engaging and entertaining presentation. Our group had a great time, learned quite a bit about chocolate and thouroughly enjoyed your chocolate bonbons and bars! (February 3, 2023)

Kelly Sharpe

I had Kelly host a chocolate workshop for my daughter's 5th birthday party and it was the most absolutely INCREDIBLE experience for everyone. There were 10 kids ages 3-6 and Kelly thought of EVERYTHING. There was a chocolate storytime, different ways for the kids to make their own chocolate treats and Kelly was SO SMART OMG to pack up all the treats the kids made, for them to neatly take home instead of eating it all in one go. There were adults and kids there and every single person was so happy. I 100% recommend Kelly and Hot Shot Chocolate for any of your events, whether it's for kids or adults or anyone in between. What a delightful human to have in your space. (February 4, 2023)

Shannon Ariel


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Teams come together to face off in multiple rounds of fun chocolate challenges that include taste testing, recipe challenge, chocolate pictionary, ganache sculpting & chocolate trivia!

Everyone enjoys samples along the way but the winning team members receive extra chocolate prize packs!

Fun for all skill levels!

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Kids love our Chocolate Kids Parties! We make your child feel extra special and highlight them on their special day!

Together we'll create chocolate loot bags for each child to take home. Engaging kids with Chocolate Story Time - Show & Tell. We pass around our real cacao pod and encourage kids to bring any chocolate items they want to show & tell!

Ages 4 - Teen

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Learn the fundamentals of chocolate making with this interactive chocolate workshop focusing on melting, tempering & molding handcraft artisan chocolates!

Taste and create gourmet chocolates while learning inside Chocolatier tips on how you can make various chocolate delacacies!

*Fun for all skill levels

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Learn and taste your way through multiple ways to create Chocolate Ganache and various forms of Chocolate Truffles!

Classic and modern truffle making techniques will be revealed as you learn and create gourmet artisan truffles to eat or take home!

*Fun for all skill levels



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Come together to enjoy our dazzling display of Hot Shot Chocolates as we guide you through a fun, educational chocolate tasting experience!

With multiple rounds of samples from bean to bonbon, chocolates from around the world, analyzing quality and showcasing various techqinues on how chocolate is made!

*Alcohol Pairing is add on option.

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We'll custom create a chocolate pairing menu to go with your favourite wines, spirits or mocktails!

Participants explore different pairings while sharing comparisons in this gourmet chocolate tasting experience! Enjoy as a social gathering or have us lead a guided tutorial!

*Alcohol not provided- recommendations provided.

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Enjoy this fun group activity where you bond together creating 100% edible art pieces made of chocolate!

Using cocoa butter paints to paint on a premium Hot Shot Chocolate canvas that has been handcrafted as a photo frame to elegantly display your work of art! Show off your masterpiece before you eat it!

*Fun for all skill levels



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A classy chocolate tasting and interactive learning experience, highlighting the Bride-To-Be!

We know how special these events are, that's why we work with you to custom choose which chocolate features you would like at your event! We are happy to create accommodations to fit your vision the best we can!

*Fun for all skill levels

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Get your giggles in as we highlight the Bride-To-Be while making and tasting premium naughty novelty chocolates!

We'll work with you to custom build a program to feature different chocolate naughty bits! Available in milk, white & dark chocolates!

*Fun for all skill levels

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Wedding Favours & Gifts

Select your favourite flavours & designs to feature in your custom chocolate bonbon favours!

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Chocolate Bridal Events

Spoil your bride and her loved ones with a Hot Shot Chocolate Bridal Event!

Choose a Classic program (All ages) or our Novelty (Naughty) Chocolate program! (Ages 19+)

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Chocolate Catering Events

Add the elegance of Hot Shot Chocolate catering to your special day! Choose from a variety of chocolate delicacies to impress your guests, customized options available! Contact us to view full menu options & pricing.

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Hot Shot Chocolate testimonials

Hot Shot Chocolate is that melt in your mouth goodness that everyone wants in a chocolate! It's fun, it's flirty and it's the MOST delicious!

PrettyRiikkii, East King Productions

Hello review reader,

I'm Shayne and I'm a professional with a belief that life should be filled with the best and only things that make me happy. Hot Shot Chocolate is the place I go for gifts and my place is always stocked with a variety of Hot Shot Chocolates that suit a late night craving or a nice chocolate with my breakfast. I can't say enough lovely things but know that you won't be sorry trying an assortment from here. And if you do, send them my way!

L Shayne

You know how chocolate's that have been molded into shapes often taste waxy and a little off? This chocolate is SO not like that! You can have fun/quirky themed shapes and still have it taste good! The chocolate itself is delicious, then Kelly infuses incredible complimenting ingredients like caramel, sea salt & nuts into them that just add to the experience! I'm a chocolate lover! Trust me - if you haven't tried Hot Shot Chocolates, do yourself a favour and get some now! It'll make your day!

Belle Jumelles

Hot Shot Chocolate is truly amazing! We held a kids chocolate party and it couldn't have been any more fun! Hands on, delicious chocolate, expert tips and of course taste testing. Great for a small or larger group. Kids enjoyed it so much and really got a chance to create their own little chocolate masterpieces and flavours. 

Highly recommend for any occasion!

Stacey Milliken-Shields

In all honesty, I was never a hard-core fan of chocolate. I had a mediocre relationship with this popular confection until I tasted the supreme quality of Hot Shot Chocolates! Kelly's master Chocolatier skills elevate Hot Shot Chocolate to another level; this is truly an experience for the senses! Choosing your favorite treats from a large assortment of designs is half of the fun. Hot Shot Chocolate offers an array of flavours, all crafted from couverture Belgian chocolate. It's the unique gift of smooth, rich decadence, handmade locally in Toronto!

Fatima Mechtab www.planningismypassion.com

We brought Hot Shot Chocolate on board as a sponsor & vendor for our events after hearing of their wonderful reputation from a number of folks in our burlesque community. Once we tried their chocolate - we were hooked! We have had them back to vend at every event since for the past 2 years and have extended an invite to any future events! They are a huge hit with our audience as a vendor and also provided samples for our V.I.P swag bags as a sponsor and we hear so many compliments about their goodies all the time! Our audience especially loves the novelty of the erotic shaped chocolates! We love that Kelly is so professional, passionate and fun to work with and her product is seriously addictive - we are sure to stock up on chocolate ourselves every time they vend at our shows!

Betty Quirk - Co-Founder & Co-Producer of PeepShowTO www.peepshowto.com

Taking the Hot Shot Chocolate workshop taught me things about chocolate that I never expected! Such a wonderful opportunity for something fun, creative and you get to eat what you make at the end! Kelly is a patient and kind instructor and I could listen to her talk all day!

Aggie Panda

Dear Kelly,

My kids were so impressed with the Halloween 6-pack and savoured every piece! As they were unable to go trick-or-treating this year, I wanted to do something spooktacular and your chocolate bonbons were a scream! As they didn't have any candy for me to steal, your Dark Chocolate Almond Bar was just what I needed!

Thank you for all the yumminess!

Adrian, Athena, Penelope and Pavlina (a.k.a Best Mom ever!)

Hot Shot Chocolate has the BEST tasting chocolate made with the frestest, all-natural ingredients. I had the pleasure of attending a Make Our Own Chocolate Workshop and had a great time! Kelly's enthusiasm and passion for chocolate was irresistible. Not only did I learn tons about chocolate, but I got to take home a tasty treat bag as well. Kelly is also a pleasure to work with and is always willing to customize an order to meet my individual needs. I completely recommend Hot Shot Chocolate!

Sass E Silver